Stay Safe in Nooksack by Knowing the Signs That Your Car Needs Brake Pad Replacement

Brake Pad Replacement nooksackWhile some vehicle maintenance concerns can be put off for a week or two, like oil changes or AC service, when it comes to brakes, it’s smart to take care of problems as soon as you notice them. There are several important signs that your car may be having trouble stopping, which could risk the safety of you and your family. Check out these red flags so you know when to make an appointment for brake pad replacement right away.

Dashboard Alerts

Your dashboard lights are connected to sensors engineered to detect problems with multiple key systems in your car’s mechanical operations. When you see the word “brake” light up in red, you’ll want to contact your auto mechanic promptly.

Burning Smell

A strong, chemical odor after repeated hard braking, such as driving down a steep incline, can indicate overheated brakes or worn-out pads. If this occurs, allow the brakes to cool and avoid hard braking until the issue is resolved.

Sinking Brake Pedal

You know best how your car feels and what’s normal as far as your brake pedal range of motion. If you press the brake pedal and it sinks far more than usual, it could mean that you’re losing brake fluid.

Noisy Stopping

Your car’s brakes aren’t designed to make noise when you engage the brake pedal. If you hear squeaking and grinding sounds when you try to stop the car, the brake pads and rotors may need replacement.

Do You Need Brake Pad Replacement Near Nooksack?

In addition to heating and cooling services, electrical work and maintenance care, Trottner’s Auto Repair Service keeps your vehicle running well with top-notch repair work on brakes, too. From the simplest needs like oil changes to complicated diagnostics on your car’s engine, steering and suspension systems, our team of professional auto technicians has the skills to get the job done right the first time. If you’re concerned about your brakes, contact us for reliable brake pad replacement so your car feels safe again.

Protect Your Passengers with  Brake Pad Replacement for Nooksack

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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Auto Repairs in Ferndale

auto repairs ferndaleScheduling auto repairs is never optimal, but sometimes it’s necessary. Ferndale drivers know that routine maintenance can help prevent the need for expensive repairs but, over time, trips to the auto shop for more extensive service are inevitable. The following tips can ensure the process runs smoothly.

Diagnose the Issue

Before taking your vehicle in for repairs, try to diagnose the problem as accurately as possible. This can help you communicate effectively with the mechanic and prevent unnecessary work.


Look up common issues related to your vehicle’s symptoms online. Forums, articles, and videos can provide insights into potential causes and solutions. This can also give you an idea of the repair costs involved.

Request Notification of Additional Work

It’s common for technicians to discover additional issues as they work. While this information can be very helpful, you may not want to address these new problems just yet. Make sure the shop has good contact information on file so you can discuss the findings. Let the workers know they don’t have permission to complete additional auto repairs without talking to you first.

Clean Your Vehicle’s Interior

Mechanics regularly need access to the interiors of the cars and trucks they service. Whether they’re checking warning light indicators, moving the vehicles, or running diagnostics, you can make their job easier by tidying up a bit. Not only will this make them more comfortable, it’ll make these tasks easier to complete quickly. 

Scheduling Auto Repairs near Ferndale?

Ferndale drivers regularly count on the expert technicians at Trottners Auto Repair Service Inc. for superior service. We can perform an extensive list of auto repairs and maintenance for all makes and models. From addressing simple brake issues to figuring out complicated electrical systems, we’re the team you can trust.  With over 100 years combined experience, our mechanics will get a job done right. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Delivering Top-Rated Auto Repairs for Ferndale Drivers

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Time for Spring Car Maintenance for Lake Samish Drivers

car maintenance lake samishAs the seasons change, it can be helpful to use this time as a reminder to get your car checked out. It’s easy to overlook common maintenance tasks because you’re so busy, so take the opportunity to catch up with these spring car maintenance tips. Here are some of the important things to take care of.

Oil Change & Fluid Checks

While 3 months or 3,000 miles is still the accepted standard for getting your oil changed, any time is good if it’s been a while. Today’s modern motor oil formulas are made for optimal performance; however, letting the time between oil changes go too long is risking engine problems. Topping off important fluids helps keep your engine running smoothly, too.

Heating System

With warm weather arriving soon, you’ll want to make sure your car air conditioner works. This is important for the comfort of you and your passengers. 

Bulbs and Belts

A seasonal check of your lights and belts can ensure your headlamps, brake lights and turn signals work properly and that your car’s key systems are running efficiently. Replacing burnt-out bulbs and tightening belts can improve your car’s safety and reliability.

Ready for Spring Car Maintenance Near Ferndale?

At Trottner’s Auto Repair Service, we are dedicated to keeping your car in great shape. As trusted mechanics serving our local area for more than 40 years, we are your go-to for manufacturer’s recommended maintenance as well as repair work for your transmission, engine, steering system, brakes and more. Contact us today to book your appointment for fall car care services.


Skilled Car Maintenance for Lake Samish Drivers

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Get Your AC Service Near Everson Scheduled Now – Here’s Why

As the days get longer, it’s clear that summer is on the way. And one of the best parts of driving during the hot weather is a reliable air conditioning system in your car to keep you and your passengers comfortable. It’s easy to think you have plenty of time and put off this task, but there are several important reasons to book your AC service now.

Beat the Rush

Once the warm weather arrives, lots of drivers will realize the air conditioning in their car needs attention. You may have a hard time getting an appointment, or there may be difficulty in getting the refrigerant or AC system parts you need. When you book your appointment now, you won’t have to worry about driving around in a hot car while you wait a few weeks for service.

It May Need More Work Than You Realize

In some cases, recharging the refrigerant is all you need to get that cool, refreshing air blowing through the vents in your car. But sometimes there will be a small leak in the system that may not be obvious to you because it isn’t severe enough yet. An AC professional can check the system and repair it in time for summer, even if parts may need to be ordered.

Stay Safer

When it’s really hot out but your air conditioner isn’t working, it’s tempting to drive with the windows down. But that can be distracting for you as the driver. The smells, sounds and even dust or grime that blow in through the window can affect your reaction time and comfort behind the wheel. When you bring in your car to get the AC inspected early in the season, you’ll have it when you need it.

Need to Book AC Service Near Everson for Your Car?

Trottner’s Auto Repair Service has been a reliable source for high-quality automotive maintenance and repair work for years. Our ASE-certified team uses only the most advanced diagnostic tools and equipment and reliable parts for your engine, heating and cooling, electrical, brakes and other car service needs. If your car needs AC service, contact us today for an appointment. 

Be Ready for Summer with AC Service from Your Local Auto Pro Serving Everson

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Need Auto Maintenance before Traveling near Alger?

auto maintenance algerWhy schedule auto maintenance before traveling near Alger? No matter the purpose of your trip, spending time on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck isn’t optimal, especially in winter. Not only is it a waste of your time, but the resulting repairs can be expensive. Set yourself up for an enjoyable travel experience by scheduling these important routine maintenance services before hitting the road.

Fluid Check

Oil changes are a standard part of good auto maintenance. Depending on your current mileage, you may need an oil change. Remember, it’s better to have this service done early than late. Most service centers will also take a look at your vehicle’s other fluids as well. 

Tire Rotation

You won’t be getting very far with bad tires. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have an auto technician inspect your tire tread before traveling. While it may not be necessary to purchase new tires, it’s usually recommended that you have them rotated before a big trip. This ensures the wear is more evenly distributed and means you’re less likely to have a blowout. 

Battery Test

Testing your battery’s voltage may not be necessary if it was recently installed. Older batteries, on the other hand, should be examined before a trip. This is especially true in the winter months, when the colder temperatures make it more difficult to sustain a charge. 

Schedule Auto Maintenance near Alger Today!

Count on Trottners Auto Repair Service Inc. when you need auto maintenance and repair services near Alger. Whether you’re traveling or not, our team is prepared to perform a complete inspection and tune-up for your vehicle. From simple oil changes and tire rotations to complicated brake repair and electrical systems adjustments, our technicians are here to help. Contact us today.

Exceptional Auto Maintenance Services Serving Alger

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My Check Engine Light is On: Understanding Auto Maintenance Warnings in Deming

Auto Maintenance demingIf your check engine light is on in Deming, it’s important to determine the type of auto maintenance needed as soon as possible. There are a number of reasons this warning may activate. Some issues are minor, while others can lead to serious and expensive repairs if left unattended.  The most common problems include:

Gas Cap Trouble

Believe it or not, one of the most common causes of a check engine light activation has to do with your gas cap. If it’s missing or broken, your vehicle will let you know by turning on this dashboard warning. Fortunately, almost any auto maintenance technician can offer a replacement and turn the warning light off.

Spark Plug Malfunction

While tiny, spark plugs are an integral part of your vehicle. When one malfunctions, you’ll definitely need to make your way to a service center for assistance. In addition to your engine light activating, you may be unable to start your car or truck at all.

Catalytic Converter Replacement

Most professionals will check your catalytic converter during routine auto maintenance, but sometimes issues can develop suddenly, causing your engine light to turn on. The catalytic converter is a part that helps minimize the impact your vehicle has on the environment.

Stop By Our Auto Maintenance Shop Near Deming Today!

If your check engine light is on in Deming, stop by Trottners Auto Repair Service Inc. in Bellingham today. We can run a diagnostic to determine what the underlying issue is quickly. Our shop offers a wide assortment of auto maintenance and repair services, servicing issues as minor as oil changes or gas gap replacements to as serious as brake repair and electrical systems adjustments. Whatever your situation, our experienced technicians have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to help.

Convenient Auto Maintenance Shop Serving Deming

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Has Your Car Heater Failed Near Alger? Here Are Some Common Reasons Why

Car heater AlgerIt’s a great time of year to check whether your vehicle’s heater is working and if not, have it fixed. Not only are low winter temperatures hazardous, especially to the elderly and the very young family members you may be driving around, but being too cold can affect your ability to drive safely because the defroster won’t work properly, either. Here are some reasons why your car heater might not work.


If the thermostat is stuck closed, it can cause the engine to overheat, potentially leading to severe engine damage if not addressed promptly. The thermostat also plays a role in regulating the flow of coolant to the heater core, which is responsible for providing heat inside the car’s cabin. A bad thermostat can result in insufficient or no heat inside the car.

Fan Problems

The fan is responsible for pushing warm air through the vents into your driver and passenger areas. If it’s not working, the problem could be a fuse or the mechanical parts of the fan itself. Either way, you won’t get heat for yourself or the front windshield defroster.

Coolant Problems

Minimum coolant levels are needed for the heater to work efficiently. If it’s low, there may be a leak somewhere. In some cases, the mix of water and coolant isn’t accurate or the coolant is contaminated. A skilled mechanic is the best person to identify the cause of the problem.

Do You Need Your Car Heater Fixed Near Alger?

Trottner’s Auto Repair Service uses only the most reliable diagnostic tools to quickly identify problems with your vehicle’s heating system so it can be repaired fast. Whether the cause is a coolant system leak, fan belt, heater core or another kind of repair, a skilled auto technician will have your car ready for the coldest winter days with ease. Contact us today for your car heater repair services.

Expert Car Heater Services for Alger Drivers

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How to Describe a Car Making Noise to Your Mechanic Near Everson

Car Making Noise Everson

If you’re not highly familiar with cars and how they work, it may be difficult for you to convey to your auto mechanic the nature and source of an atypical sound that you hear when driving. That knocking, buzzing or rattling sound could be a sign of something serious, so use these tips for describing the car making noise to your mechanic.

Use Your Senses

A smart way to describe the noise you’re hearing is to use your senses. What is it about the noise you notice? Is it metallic, squeaky or dull? Think about how the car handles when you hear the noise, and if there are any odors that accompany it. 

Note the Conditions When It Happens

Help your auto mechanic troubleshoot your car’s problems by reporting what you’re doing when you notice the noise. Is it a cold start? Are you accelerating on a highway? Does it happen more when it’s raining or when you turn the wheel? Any additional details you provide will help isolate the cause. 

Don’t Be Shy

Mechanics have heard it all, so if you are able to imitate the sound you hear, go for it. Your auto technician isn’t rating your performance skills; instead, he’s thinking about whether that sound could be coming from the engine, brakes, exhaust system or other components of your vehicle. 

Get Expert Help Near Everson If Your Car Making Noise Worries You

Trottner’s Auto Repair Service is ready to assist you with all of your car care needs and advice, from strange noises to heating and cooling worries, electrical system repairs, brakes and general automotive maintenance work. Our ASE-certified technicians have the training and diagnostic tools to identify the source of your concern and get you back on the road safely. If your car making noise is worrying you, contact us today for an appointment with one of our professional auto technicians.

Fast and Friendly Assistance For Your Car Making Noise in the Everson Area

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When the Check Engine Lights in Your Car Go On in Bellingham – What You Need to Know

check engine lights bellinghamThe sensors in your car provide on-board diagnostics (OBD) for engine, emission and tire pressure standards, as well as oil change reminders. When they light up, it’s a sign that your car needs service. Use your car’s owner’s manual and these tips for counting on the check engine lights as a guide to your vehicle’s needs.

If Your Car is Driving Normally

If your car is driving normally when a dashboard light comes on, you may typically continue to your destination and explore the cause of the alert. Check and see if the solution is something simple like tightening the gas cap or adding air to the tires; that will often shut off the light. If that’s not it, schedule an appointment with your mechanic because the sensor could be triggered by something that needs expert care, like your catalytic converter or brakes.

If Your Car is Not Driving Normally

When a light connected to one of the sensors in your car goes on and is accompanied by noise, low or no power coming from the engine or the temperature gauge is increasing, pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so. Call for roadside assistance, as this is a signal that your car may not be driveable or safe.

Steady vs. Blinking Alerts

The dashboard lights triggered by the electrical sensors in your car may illuminate and stay lit or they may flash. Yellow lights and steady lights of any color indicate there’s a situation that requires your attention; red lights and flashing lights of any color indicate the need is urgent.

Does Your Car Have a Check Engine Light That’s On in the Bellingham Area?

Trottner’s Auto Repair Service has ASE-certified auto technicians on our team, and we offer mobile services, too, for added peace of mind. Our full-service shop handles scheduled maintenance, repairs and diagnostics, and we specialize in domestic, Japanese and Korean makes and models, as well as Subarus. When you notice the check engine lights in your car are illuminated, don’t wait–contact us today for an appointment.

Expert Assistance With Your Check Engine Lights in Bellingham

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Questions to Ask a New Auto Repair Shop near Lake Samish

auto repair shop lake samishAre you new to the Lake Samish area or dealing with vehicle issues for the very first time? Finding an auto repair shop can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you need routine maintenance or more extensive repairs, knowing which questions to ask can make a huge difference. Follow these tips to find a reliable technician in your area.

Is your shop ASE certified?

While vehicle service centers aren’t required to have Automotive Service Excellence certification, it’s an easy way to tell whether or not a repair shop offers quality service. An ASE certified technician is a repair professional who has gained ASE certification by qualifying for and passing ASE exams.

Do you use OEM parts?

OEM parts are produced by the original manufacturer of your vehicle. While an auto repair shop can often get non-OEM parts cheaper elsewhere, these may lack quality and may not fit perfectly. It may cost more, but it’s often worth asking auto technicians to use these products.

What warranties do you offer?

Before agreeing to a service plan, it’s a good idea to know what warranties the repair shop offers. Many provide warranties for labor and parts. Make sure you have all these details in writing so you can get the additional services you need if a part fails prematurely.

Still Looking for a New Auto Repair Shop near Lake Samish?

If you’re still looking for a new auto repair shop near Lake Samish, consider your search over. The professional technicians at Trottner’s Auto Repair Service are highly trained and experienced with all makes and models. We can assist with all your maintenance and repair needs, from checking your vehicle’s brakes and heating and cooling to adjusting its electrical systems. With over 100 years combined experience, our mechanics know how to get the job done right. Contact us today for a consultation.

Top-Rated Auto Repair Shop near Lake Samish

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