Has Your Car Heater Failed Near Alger? Here Are Some Common Reasons Why

Car heater AlgerIt’s a great time of year to check whether your vehicle’s heater is working and if not, have it fixed. Not only are low winter temperatures hazardous, especially to the elderly and the very young family members you may be driving around, but being too cold can affect your ability to drive safely because the defroster won’t work properly, either. Here are some reasons why your car heater might not work.


If the thermostat is stuck closed, it can cause the engine to overheat, potentially leading to severe engine damage if not addressed promptly. The thermostat also plays a role in regulating the flow of coolant to the heater core, which is responsible for providing heat inside the car’s cabin. A bad thermostat can result in insufficient or no heat inside the car.

Fan Problems

The fan is responsible for pushing warm air through the vents into your driver and passenger areas. If it’s not working, the problem could be a fuse or the mechanical parts of the fan itself. Either way, you won’t get heat for yourself or the front windshield defroster.

Coolant Problems

Minimum coolant levels are needed for the heater to work efficiently. If it’s low, there may be a leak somewhere. In some cases, the mix of water and coolant isn’t accurate or the coolant is contaminated. A skilled mechanic is the best person to identify the cause of the problem.

Do You Need Your Car Heater Fixed Near Alger?

Trottner’s Auto Repair Service uses only the most reliable diagnostic tools to quickly identify problems with your vehicle’s heating system so it can be repaired fast. Whether the cause is a coolant system leak, fan belt, heater core or another kind of repair, a skilled auto technician will have your car ready for the coldest winter days with ease. Contact us today for your car heater repair services.

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