How to Describe a Car Making Noise to Your Mechanic Near Everson

Car Making Noise Everson

If you’re not highly familiar with cars and how they work, it may be difficult for you to convey to your auto mechanic the nature and source of an atypical sound that you hear when driving. That knocking, buzzing or rattling sound could be a sign of something serious, so use these tips for describing the car making noise to your mechanic.

Use Your Senses

A smart way to describe the noise you’re hearing is to use your senses. What is it about the noise you notice? Is it metallic, squeaky or dull? Think about how the car handles when you hear the noise, and if there are any odors that accompany it. 

Note the Conditions When It Happens

Help your auto mechanic troubleshoot your car’s problems by reporting what you’re doing when you notice the noise. Is it a cold start? Are you accelerating on a highway? Does it happen more when it’s raining or when you turn the wheel? Any additional details you provide will help isolate the cause. 

Don’t Be Shy

Mechanics have heard it all, so if you are able to imitate the sound you hear, go for it. Your auto technician isn’t rating your performance skills; instead, he’s thinking about whether that sound could be coming from the engine, brakes, exhaust system or other components of your vehicle. 

Get Expert Help Near Everson If Your Car Making Noise Worries You

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