When the Check Engine Lights in Your Car Go On in Bellingham – What You Need to Know

check engine lights bellinghamThe sensors in your car provide on-board diagnostics (OBD) for engine, emission and tire pressure standards, as well as oil change reminders. When they light up, it’s a sign that your car needs service. Use your car’s owner’s manual and these tips for counting on the check engine lights as a guide to your vehicle’s needs.

If Your Car is Driving Normally

If your car is driving normally when a dashboard light comes on, you may typically continue to your destination and explore the cause of the alert. Check and see if the solution is something simple like tightening the gas cap or adding air to the tires; that will often shut off the light. If that’s not it, schedule an appointment with your mechanic because the sensor could be triggered by something that needs expert care, like your catalytic converter or brakes.

If Your Car is Not Driving Normally

When a light connected to one of the sensors in your car goes on and is accompanied by noise, low or no power coming from the engine or the temperature gauge is increasing, pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so. Call for roadside assistance, as this is a signal that your car may not be driveable or safe.

Steady vs. Blinking Alerts

The dashboard lights triggered by the electrical sensors in your car may illuminate and stay lit or they may flash. Yellow lights and steady lights of any color indicate there’s a situation that requires your attention; red lights and flashing lights of any color indicate the need is urgent.

Does Your Car Have a Check Engine Light That’s On in the Bellingham Area?

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Expert Assistance With Your Check Engine Lights in Bellingham

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