Summer Driving Safety Advice for Fairhaven Drivers

Summer Driving Safety Fairhaven July and August are a great time of year to hit the road for day trips and vacations, so it’s important to get a refresher on summer driving safety. Even if you have no long-distance driving plans, it’s wise to be mindful of these hazard prevention strategies and auto maintenance tips to avoid breakdowns.

Leave Yourself Extra Travel Time

Like you, many others are likely to take to the roads and do extra driving this summer. The generally nice weather is also a prime opportunity for road construction and maintenance work. For these reasons, you should allow yourself extra time to get to your destination. More cars on the road mean more traffic, and road work can lead to detours and delays. By not rushing or tailgating, you can avoid accidents that could take your car off the road for repairs. 

Keep Your Tires in Top Shape

High temperatures can stress tires that are already worn after a long winter of driving and braking over potholes. Sudden summer downpours may also threaten the traction of even the newest tires. Blowouts and skids are dangerous and scary for a driver, so make sure your tires are in satisfactory condition before heading out on a road trip, sitting at the appropriate tire pressure. Inspect the tread for excessive or uneven wear, too. 

Bring Your Vehicle in For Regular Maintenance

Hot, humid weather can wreak havoc on your engine, especially if belts, hoses or caps are grimy, dusty, dried out or cracked. A trusted auto technician performing a summer driving safety check can examine the belts, hoses and electrical wiring, top off your engine fluids and inspect your cooling system to reduce the chances of your engine overheating. 

Book Your Summer Driving Safety Check Near Fairhaven

Before you get on the road this summer, stop by Trottner’s Auto Repair. Our skilled ASE-certified auto technicians can provide you with quality vehicle care and peace of mind. We’ve served communities in the Fairhaven area for more than 40 years with attentive, prompt service and cutting-edge diagnostic technology. We even offer mobile service and free estimates. Contact us today for all of your summer driving safety needs.

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