The Importance of Sticking to Your Manufacturer’s Car Maintenance Schedule in Sudden Valley

Car Maintenance Schedule Sudden ValleyIf there’s no noise coming from your car and it’s driving all right, it might seem like there’s no real reason to take it in for routine maintenance. But having a skilled auto mechanic regularly give your car the once-over can reduce the overall upkeep costs. Here’s why your car maintenance schedule matters.

Fluid Leaks Usually Start Small

When a leak is bad enough that it leaves noticeable puddles on the ground, significant damage may already be done. Leaking fluids can leave your engine wanting for the essentials that keep the cooling system, transmission and other key parts in good working order; low or poor-quality fluid levels can lead to expensive repairs. Your mechanic can often spot leaks before they get bad.

Belts and Hoses Only Seem to Break Suddenly

Hoses and belts often show serious signs of wear before they break. Hoses dry out; they become brittle before they crack and lead to fluid leaks. Belts stretch and become slack, affecting the performance of the associated parts. Keeping a car maintenance schedule gives your mechanic a chance to check the quality of your vehicle’s belts and hoses.

Poor Tire and Brake Performance Costs You Money

Tires and brakes deteriorate slowly but regularly, so by the time you realize it, they’re probably in pretty bad shape. When tires are low on pressure, it affects your car’s fuel economy because it takes more energy to get them to move. And worn brake parts can leave you with no choice but to brake hard, which is tough on your tires and causes increased wear. 

Are You a Sudden Valley Driver Concerned About Your Car Maintenance Schedule?

When your vehicle is ready for car maintenance, turn to Trottner’s Auto Repair Service. We specialize in domestic, Japanese and Korean makes and models. Our expertly trained team has the skills and diagnostic tools to ensure inspections and repairs are completed according to manufacturer guidelines. From maintenance to repair of brakes, cooling and electrical systems, we have decades of experience that ensure our work on your car is completed promptly and fully. Contact us today to book an appointment according to your car maintenance schedule, so you can feel calm and secure while driving.

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