Need Brake Service Near Acme? Look for These 3 Warning Signs

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Even though the condition of your brakes may not be immediately visible to you, it’s essential that you pay attention to them. They will show distinct warning signs when they need maintenance and repair. Learn three warning signs that you need brake service to keep you and your passengers safe. 

The Brake Pedal Sinks to the Floor

You’re used to the typical resistance your brake pedal provides, so if you notice that the pedal is suddenly going to the floor, it’s an urgent concern that requires you to book a service appointment immediately because your car is at risk of total brake failure. 

You Need More Space to Stop

If your brakes are wearing down, they’ll be less effective. And when that happens, it will require a greater length of road to bring the car to a full stop. That’s dangerous when traveling even at low speeds when the vehicle in front of you stops suddenly or an animal runs into the road.

You Hear Grinding Noises When You Brake

When your brake pads have greatly deteriorated, it leaves metal on metal, which can generate grinding noises. Brakes need sufficient pads to create the friction that slows the rotor and stops the car from moving forward. Without them, you risk damage to the rotors and the brake system.

Do You Need Brake Service Near Acme?

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Trustworthy Brake Service for Acme Drivers

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