Car Overheating? What To Do Until You Can Get to a Mechanic for Radiator Repair Near Deming

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One of the most common signs of problems with your radiator is seeing your engine overheat. Typically, this isn’t a car problem you can fix yourself; you’ll need professional help. But what can you do in the meantime while there’s steam coming from under the hood or the heating gauges on your dashboard are off the charts? Here are the automotive first aid steps you’ll need before you can get to the mechanic’s for radiator repair. 

Turn Up the Heat

It may sound like a mistake–wouldn’t you rather turn on the AC to generate cool air? But turning on the heat pulls it out of the engine compartment and into the passenger area of the car. Sometimes, it’s enough to send the temperature gauge on the dash back to normal levels.

Pull Off the Road

Your car may become undrivable, and an overheating engine can cause more damage to nearby parts, so pull over safely. After 20 minutes or so, you may be able to re-start the engine and get to a nearby service station if the temperature remains in a safe range and the radiator light stays off.

Consider Adding Coolant

After you’ve pulled over onto the shoulder, you may want to try to add coolant to the radiator, but if you have it and feel comfortable doing so after allowing the engine to cool. If you turn the car back on and the temperature gauge stays in the safe zone, you may be able to make it to a service station.

Do You Need Radiator Repair Near Deming?

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