Why Bow Area Drivers Should Never Miss an Oil Change

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Car manufacturers typically recommend oil changes every 5,000-7,000 miles, or sometimes longer if you choose synthetic oil formulas. And because this maintenance service is pretty simple and affordable, it’s easy to overlook how vital it is to your car’s operation. When you miss one, though, you’re putting your engine at serious risk of failure. Here’s why. 

Motor Oil Loses Effectiveness

Fresh oil lubricates and carries heat away from the engine. As it ages, it gets thicker and filled with impurities. It’s no longer able to keep friction from interfering with moving parts. In the best-case scenario, your engine will lose efficiency and performance; in the worst case, you’ll experience severe engine problems that cannot be repaired. 

Engine Temperatures May Climb Too High

When heat isn’t pulled away from the engine by oil, it overheats. High temperatures stress parts such as gaskets, seals and belts, which can crack and split, causing more damage. Sensitive electronics like sensors and wiring may also break when the temperature gets too high. 

The Engine May Seize

When motor oil becomes too viscous, it doesn’t flow well between moving parts. Impurities can also increase the friction among engine parts. Together, it leads to seizing engine parts and catastrophic damage. Seized engines that suddenly stop working often are beyond repair and need to be replaced, an expensive fix.

Is Your Vehicle Overdue for an Oil Change Near Bow?

Trottner’s Auto Repair Service is a reliable partner in keeping your car safe and road-worthy with regular oil service using only top-quality fluids and filters. Our team is staffed with ASE-certified auto technicians for all of your vehicle’s heating and cooling needs as well as electrical, brakes and general maintenance services. With more than 40 years of experience serving local drivers, we take great pride in continuing to provide our valued customers with highly-rated work. Contact us today to learn more about our services, including oil changes, mobile repair and our free estimates, and see why our customers are so loyal. 

Oil Change Experts and Convenient Appointments for Bow Drivers

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